How should Friends of the Earth be campaigning around Brexit?
We want to ensure that our environment stays protected to the same or better standards than those set by the EU. And we can’t do that without you. But what issues should we campaign on? Where will we have the most impact?

After the referendum 76% of you said we should be campaigning around Brexit. Can you spend five minutes letting us know what you think?
To start it would be helpful to know some more information about you.

Which country do you live in? *

How did you vote in the referendum? *

What were the main issues that influenced the way you voted? *

Or would've voted, if you didn't.
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If you had to vote again today, would you change your answer? *

If yes, why?

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The next section will focus on the Brexit process and the environment.

With each statement say how much you agree or disagree on a scale of 1 to 10.
Environmental issues influenced the way I voted (or would've voted). *

Brexit is a threat to our environment. *

Brexit is an opportunity to improve our environment. *

I understand the process the UK will go through before leaving the EU. *

My MP or Assembly Member can help influence the Brexit process. *

The outcomes of Brexit will impact my everyday life once the UK has left the EU. *

Do you agree with these statements about the possible environmental impacts of Brexit?

Brexit will allow the UK to lead the world in tackling climate change. *

Brexit will increase the amount of climate changing emissions produced by the UK. *

Brexit will increase the amount of waste that the UK recycles. *

Brexit will benefit nature in the UK. *

Brexit will improve product and chemical standards in the UK. *

Brexit will threaten the UKs transition to renewable energy. *

Brexit will improve air quality in the UK. *

Brexit will make fracking easier in the UK. *

Brexit runs the risk of harming bees and other pollinators. *

Brexit will lead to dirtier beaches and more water pollution in the UK. *

Brexit will improve the ways that the UK farms and produces food. *

Brexit is a threat to our animal welfare standards. *

Brexit will prevent people from holding the government to account when it fails to meet its environmental obligations and promises. *

This final section will focus on what campaigning you might do around Brexit.

Campaigning can mean anything from signing a petition online to organising a local group or event to going along to an event like a protest or a debate.
What campaigning are you currently doing on Brexit? *

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Would you consider doing any of these in the future? *

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What campaigning, or support for campaigning, would you like to see from Friends of the Earth around Brexit?

This can be in relation to specific activities, resources, training or the general focus of the campaign.
Please let us know if you have any other comments.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

Your answers will be vital in helping us to shape the future of our Brexit campaign. We'll be back in touch shortly to let you know the results and next steps.